Weimer is a 60-year history company, started in Sweden. 

Weimer trailers and cranes are designed for professional use. They combine the latest technology, hydraulic components and materials of the highest quality.

Weimer products are well-known for their light-weight design, strong construction, durability and low maintenance need.

The Weimer products are exported to many countries such as Germany, Austria, Slovenia, France, Sweden, Norway, Belarus, Ukranie, Poland and others. This is the best proof of our products, good design, durability and high quality. 

In the framework of the Mõisaküla Masinatehas OÜ development project the product portfolio will be extended, the processes itself and process management will be improved, ICT solution is going to be introduced and production will be automatized.
The project is funded by the European Union Regional Development Fund in amount of 412 290 euros.
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